Welcome to JRC Space, where public companies, investors, and industry experts come together for insightful discussions on stock performance, due diligence, and market insights.

Hosted by J. Ramsdell, JRC Spaces is a dynamic live Q&A session conducted weekly on X (Twitter) Spaces. Each session provides a platform for public companies to engage with peers and investors, sharing valuable insights, updates, and perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of the stock market.

Join us as we delve into a wide range of topics, from recent market trends and emerging opportunities to strategic initiatives and investor relations strategies. Whether you're a seasoned investor seeking expert analysis or a public company looking to connect with potential investors, JRC Spaces offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and foster meaningful connections within the investment community.

Don't miss out on the chance to participate in these engaging and informative discussions. Tune in to JRC Spaces every week and be part of the conversation shaping the future of the stock market.

Joshua, we got a lot of good feedback on the show it was a lot of fun and it we considered a great success thank you for doing a wonderful job. Look forward to talking with you guys again.
Dave @byrg

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